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The Great Divide
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August 2006
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alteredcreed [userpic]

I'm Amy. I'm 19. I have been a major creed fan since umm I was 13 when I heard "Higher" on the radio. I love Scott Stapp. My favorite song on the CD is "Justify" and I guess.. Um. "Broken" or "The Great Divide".. I like them all lol. I'm also "lovelygemini" best friend and I basically ganked this com from her friends list. You have been warned!!

Jacqueline [userpic]

I'm Jackie. I'm 24. I've been a fan of Scott Stapp since I was around 18. I have all three albums of Creed, except the greatest hits. And I don't have The Great Divide. But I hope to get it soon. :)

Resa-Bear <3 [userpic]

Welcome to the brand new community, 'The Great Divide', dedicated to mmy new love, Scott Stapp. If, like me, you are a massive fan of the wonderful art that is Stapp's music, the this is the community for you! Even if you just think he looks like a spunk in leather pants, you're welcome to join, and tell us all about it!

Enjoy, and soar.

♥ Resa.

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